Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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oh hello! You still can't repair the fare machine? How is that fare?, not getting off each stop to find working 1 2day,fu2 

ticket machine T746 again not accepting credit cards; other machine at SW 6th & Madison not even on (T745)

Packed blue line as usual. Damn

Next red line from jeld wen WB is 1 hr??

What's up with these new ugly white garbage cans?

No, that's actually ok. Check out the sched: Several rush hr "Reds" turn Blue to Willow Ck or Hatfield 

ah. Well that's silly. It gives a false perception to the public that they would have to wait an hour for the next red line 

wow photos taken by my Doot . Lmao! ? Mission accompl

these people on the trimet need to watch out. my stomach is hurtin, im hungry & these ppl keep bumpin into me 

There's always some disturbance on Trimet when I'm tryna get home.. 

I hope enforcers come on blue line, gonna be a dick and demand confirmation T148 is working, 

RT the rosa parks yellow line to city center’s ticketing machine is broken...

Yay for new Trimet buses! (but the fumes of the vinyl covered seats is nauseating). 

Some neighbours are here, I should probably take a ride with them, thus eliminating me from riding trimet

Remember that time I hate the 20? Oh yeah! I HATE THE 20!!!  

credit card into a trimet machine to buy a replacement monthly pass got my cc shut off. <=Hey, they spared your driver's license? 

Random pointless fact of the day: Line 8 Train 01 morning takes 5 trips; all are different (not same pattern over and over again). 

arrivals display at 5th and Davis is frozen up. 

Amazing how good cust svc is when it affects Neil's #17 bus... . On the 12/94 bus riders are on their own 

on the new 3000 series of Trimet buses; more of an electronic beep than a "ding" as on older buses... :) 

two days in a row- broken machines @ rosa parks train station! Wth! 

maybe you should check innto why line 12 is always late. <Belinda Jackson> 

Fuck yeah! New bus!  

Screw you, MAX! I'll take the bus instead.  

the operator of bus 5101 in the morning is great. Instead of pulling in immediately to a (cont)

bus 1630 needs brake de-squeaker. 

please look into another bus 17 stop on Broadway south of Irving. Closer to Flanders/Glisan is better. 

Guy in front of me is way creepy, turning to stare at people for an uncomfortably long time.  

Machine #117 at Goose Hollow westbound MAX is broken, cancelling transactions, not dispensing passes.  

cust svc surveyers on 94 in Tigard asking riders if OK for 94 to stop at TC...another knife into the express. Next: forced xfers 

fix it you twats  

Ok, I stopped @ cause who wants a ticket lol, and I'm to tired to taser a cop this morning,FU  

this is ticket machine 309, been like this for at least two days.  

hey! Does the max blue line go by office? Think I would like to pay a visit... 

oh hello! You still can't repair the fare machine? How is that fare?, not getting off each stop to find working 1 2day,fu2 

But if we get really desperate, there's always Trimet + bike. :) 

Police and security every where! All I got. Don't know what happened. (@ TriMet Albina/Mississippi MAX Station)

If Romney win , watch this trimet bus pass by me on fucking purpose 

Hey , fyi: the display at the NW 5th/Davis bus stop crashed at 6:53am this morning  

Man i really dont miss taking that trimet  

ALSO, the one machine that takes cash at Pioneer Square (westbound side) is not accepting bills.  

And C-Tran still has nicer buses than .

TRIMET bus driver takes a break with bus full of late riders! Yes, I too was late to work. 

5102 was 10 min late so no break for the driver this time. Poor driver. 

Before today I have had nothing but helpful, happy, awesome drivers but this one is a complete condescending jerk 

"That's a red light, mister" - Passenger "you wanna get off here? No, then shut up." - driver. What.the.actual.fuck?! 

Waited 10 minutes for the yellow line. 1 car, totally full. During rush hour. Another 14 minutes in the cold. You disappoint me,  

Now line 2044 bus 3034 has a kid in desperate need of a diaper change!! 

Things overheard on a Trimet bus:there's a penny between my kneels and it never leaves, until my husband gets out. 

Got on Trimet for free. It's too easy lol

Fuck trimet, fuckin bus driver telling me to take the wrong transfer now i'm stuck in downtown n gonna be late to class 

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