Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shelly Lomax-the biggest disappointment

Many of us pushed for Shelly Lomax to become the new executive director at Trimet. Shelly came from the bottom of the company.
An intelligent and always reasonable woman we thought that she would bring great things as the new executive director.
But what have we gotten? Goddamn nothing but worse working conditions and worse benefits.
Shelly I hope your happy with your $160k salary plus your husbands, what is it, about $75k?
So you and your hubby pulling in about $235k a year and at the same time taking away decent insurance coverage from your employees and your retirees?
Shame on you Shelly Lomax.That neopostism works pretty well for you huh?
Meanwhile check out here latest post on the little report that she issues each month. I do believe she is referring to the one and only LANE JENSEN of the Portland Transit Lane Blog! Good job Lane, you're  getting on her nerves! (as far as me recording dispatch, that was the issue that made me leave)

Mrs Lomax is an advocate for secrecy

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Al M said...

And Ms Lomax let me tell you something else, its not a GOT YA MOMENT-its real life-something you managers have struggled for years to cover up from the public.