Saturday, November 10, 2012


Keep on helping the management out you flunkies that keep working your RDO's and doing bus trades while they f'k us in the a**! And where is 'our' lovely union? They gone missing

While labor rejoices over its win with Obama our leaders here in Oregon keep on pushing austerity onto its front line workers. It's not enough they basically ruined the blue cross coverage in the last round, but now they have priced it right out of our reach. Thanks Mcfarlane you pig for doing this to us. The retirees hopefully live near a Kaiser facility because no retiree is going to be able to keep Blue Cross now with its huge deductibles and now this $184/mo payment. This also explains the mad rush to hire as many new employees as possible, he must fully be expecting a worker revolt. At some point these clueless Trimet employees that have been here more than 10 years will wake up to what is being done to them.


punkrawker4783 said...

So the fuckers making MORE money per year pay LESS in Healthcare? Bullshit, I bet the taxpayers would like to see something more FAIR!

Al M said...

I couldn't believe that either Chad!
WTF is Mcfarlane think he is doing?

Thomas Ngo said...

Most union members got paid more than I ever did when I worked at TriMet. TriMet will still pay the same amount of money towards health care, which means benefits will still cost the agency much more than non-union benefits.

Do you really think taxpayers want to cover the cost of these premium increases?

Al M said...

Thomas how come your increases are less than ours?

And how come its ok to put in a $1.5 BILLION DOLLAR LIGHT RAIL that nobody really wants using tax payer dollars but its not alright to fund health care for citizens?

Al M said...

Wait a minute?
You don't work there anymore?

Jason McHuff said...

He moved to New York (hope you're doing OK over there, BTW).

What's absurd is Regence's price increase, not TriMet passing it on.

Max said...

Here's what mine costs per month:
(First price is United Healthcare, second is Kaiser)

Emp only: $95 / $105
Emp + Spouse or Dep: $265 / $250
Emp + Children: $215 / $200
Emp + Spouse + Children: $445 / $420

Coverage looks like this for UHC
$300 deductible employee only ($900 for family)
$25 co-pay for office visits
ER costs $150 co-pay + deductible, then pays only 80% coverage after that.
Drugs: $10/$30/$70 depending on drug

Kaiser is much better. I provide this just as basis for comparison of what things look like in the private sector.

Jason McHuff said...

I thought you (Al) hated Regence's continual price increases. After all, that is the real problem.

Al M said...

Right MAX all citizens of this great country of ours should have to pay A LOT to get health care.

Health care IS NOT a human right.

It's ok to spend billions on useless construction projects that offer no continuous employment but generates millions for the executive class.

Max you disappoint me, with your superior intelligence even you buy the "I don't get free insurance why should anybody" rhetoric.

Al M said...

Regence is just a better system than Kaiser.

Kaiser almost killed my first wife.
Lots of horror stories about Kaiser.

I have my own doctor that takes me when i need to see him 4 blocks away.

Kaiser will require me to driver to Beaverton and wait in line.


Max said...

I agree with you - I think health care is a human right. As I said in my comment, "I provide this just as a basis for comparison of what things look like in the private sector."

Also when I said "Kaiser is much better" I meant meant that compared to UHC our Kaiser coverage provides more benefits (i.e. reduced deductibles, co-pays, out of pocket expenses, etc).

Al M said...

Kaiser almost killed my first wife.
I've hated them ever since