Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Saturday, November 24, 2012


And the corporate media  spits out everything Trimet tells them to spit out.
This time its:
Crews will weld 80’ long rail segments together in downtown Portland  
Monday a Big Day for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail 


Erik H. said...

Funny...because there's a factory in The Dalles that does this every single day. But it's not in The Oregonian.

There was also a "factory" (a mobile welding facility) in Independence that did this same thing for awhile... Union Pacific has special "welded rail trains" that the rails are loaded into and then roll off the train where they are to be installed.

Jason McHuff said...

Do those mark the milestone of a major project?

Erik H. said...

Does TriMet's weld mark a milestone of a project?


It's about the same as the Transcontinental Railroad celebrating that they jointed a rail somewhere in St. Louis. Funny how nobody celebrates that or even recalls it, but sure as heck everyone knows what happened May 10, 1869 somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Utah.