Monday, November 5, 2012


Good guy Scott on left bad guy Al on right
I left the union brothers and sisters group because I left the union. I left the union because I was unhappy with their management style and getting pressure from union members about my blog and Lane.
I got some of their posts in the mail today and  it really made me laugh. Hey I might be a little obsessive about my blog  from years of being suppressed. But dangerous, as in I will act violently? That's hilarious. I get my kicks out of being a pain in the ass to the Trimet management. And no, I am actually not a disgruntled employee. I'm definitely not happy about the way management fabricated complaints against me, but hell I don't 'hate' any particular person. Everybody there at the personal level is actually quite nice. But INSTITUTIONALLY they got some real problems. 

Relax folks, I mighta been pals with Jim Stenger but I actually don't hate anybody that is working at Trimet, including Mcfarlane. I won't be sending a dozen pizza's to Neils house or starting fake porn sites about Mary Fetsch or even a blog titled  'The real views of Bruce Hansen' with Bruce dressed as a Nazi!  Sorry to disappoint you but none of that is gonna happen.

As a matter of fact, every single item on my blog is FACTUAL. There is nothing posted on my site that is based on a fabrication. I might exaggerate an actual event, but I never make up something just to embarrass someone.
Take a chill pill Dawn-your letting your imagination get the best of you!

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