Friday, May 1, 2015

Trimet operators suffer brutality at the hands of management

Apparently  a bus driver was robbed during his shift yesterday. Items stolen included his car keys. He asked to go home because his family was waiting to pick him up in a second car. What did Trimet officials do?
They sent him out on another run because they 'didn't have enough drivers'.

Several years ago Another driver was robbed during the shift and there was pictures of the robbery taken  by the on board camera. The company refused to let the driver see any of the pictures because they were 'scared' the driver may retaliate. Stolen in that robbery were drivers license and medical card. The driver asked for the next day off TDA but was told 'we can't do that for you'. An entire days pay lost as well as out of pocket expenses.

That is the Trimet you won't hear about anywhere else but here.


Unknown said...

You can not drive with out your cdl or dot card!

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

What a shame, union members are being walked on more than ever before. so Bruce says we get along better with TriMet management? The only members I see getting along with them is Bruce Hansen, Dan Martin, and Jeff Ackerson.