Friday, May 1, 2015

ATU/Trimet contract

 Here it is, the contract that surrendered all the hard won union gains and screwed retirees
 This 'contract' is expiring in 7 months.
While the front line employees get less the people in charge of the Trimet get more. We lose- they gain off our loss.  What a wonderful world


megaton said...

Well it could of gone to arbitration.then it would of read.retirees pay 50% of medical upon retirement?

Al M said...

As you know The previous contracts all said retirees to receive the same medical as active employees. So the possibility of retirees getting that much of a cut and being unhooked from the active employees completely was very slight. If trimet had tried to Propose that much of a change they might have very well lost the arbitration completely

KindleKathy said...

the contract expires November 2016, not 2015

Flatpicker John said...

Looks to me as like Mini runners should get reimbursed for the difference between what full timers were paying from 201 2 - 2014. The way I read it it says that mini runners get the same as full time employees. The contract started in 2012, and there is no mention that it should be effective on a specific date.

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Bruce Hansen took money from the TriMet members and then just caved. He told the media "we know we have to take cuts" who does that when they are negotiating? Neil McFarlane said "this contract exceeds our expectations"and we are very pleased. The next round of negotiations will be beginning soon I hope members pay attention and vote for candidates that will stand up and have the guts to go to arbitration and make the tough decisions instead of screwing the members.
We would have won in arbitration if TriMet would have taken this proposal into arbitration, no question about it. Scare tactics from megaton, they must be one that shoved this crappy contract down our throats and bullied members when they had questions. We need to scare management not our own members.

Al M said...

I happen to agree totally with speaker of the people.

Bruce caved and hopefully members will see they made a grievous error voting for him

I sure wish I had voted for Ron Heinzmann. What a schmuck I am for voting for Bruce