Wednesday, May 15, 2013



Steve Fung said...

This driver is a disgrace.He is the famous #58 driver that people have complained about for years.

Al M said...

Oh that's the guy eh Steve?
Seesh, another winner at Trimet.
He was always an odd duck

Al M said...

Ya this guy has a reputation, this is from a 58 rider:

Theresa Kennedy-DuPay YES!! And I'll tell you something, knowing as I do that Trimet monitors your FB and your website Al, I'd like to tell these Trimet dipshits that ALAN Hironaka is a ((THREAT)) and a ((danger)) to passenger safety and YOURS TRULY is responsible for getting him kicked off the # 58!! He no longer drives it and the man I spoke to (supervisor at Trimet) promised me Hironaka would NEVER be allowed to drive the 58 again.

Alan Hironaka freaked out about three months ago and laid on his horn for THREE BLOCKS, because an elderly black man was upset when Alan failed to understand that the old black man wanted him to honk at the # 6 in front, so he could make a connection. I saw the maniacal look on the Alan's face as he continued to lay on the horn, even after my husband Don and I had jumped up and tried to get off. He looked over at me with the most frightening glare and sneer, like a crazy man. I was genuinely alarmed. I told him I was going to report him, because my ears were ringing and my head hurt from the constant report of the horn. He laughed and said, "What? What?" as he continued to lay on the horn.

Its funny, Trimet thinks they are so smart for keeping these offensive, dangerous drivers on the job but the reality is, Alan Hironaka is a danger and a ticking time bomb. When he flips out and hurts someone or throws off a young mother with an infant on a stormy rainy night and someone ends up KILLED? I hope the paper trail will lead right to ME and the the other people who have complained about this POS!!

I can't tell you how mentally ill this guy is. He absolutely HATES people. He HATES his job, he HATES people and will go out of his way to make trouble. When the supervisor I talked to, told me Hironaka would be banished to the # 52, I knew it would only be a matter of a couple of months and Hironaka would be causing trouble THERE!! Trouble is, the # 52 is populated by a great deal of Hispanic people and most of them are parents, with small children.

He took an ideal line, the # 58 and spat all over it by making nothing but enemies, and now he's driving the # 52. He's a miserable, hateful and extremely UNHAPPY person. Its only a matter of time before he does something really, really terrible. Then Trimet will deny they knew anything. Trouble is, there is already a paper trail. A PAPER TRAIL TRIMET!!

Watch your back ALAN HIRONAKA!! You're being watched now you miserable cold as a fish LOSER!!

Unknown said...

Oh brother....