Saturday, May 4, 2013

How about it Erik?

 Somehow this post got to the top of the blog again, not sure how.

How about doing what Chris Smith suggested and getting together with Al or some other third party and settling things?

Specifically, if I'm unable to prove that you're wrong, I'll agree to never respond to you again, and if I am, you agree to do something like hang out and discuss things while waiting for trains (if you get to get to get out and do that) or show me that large railroad history collection you say you have able to prove you wrong, we can discuss what happens.

Also, if you haven't seen it, I bought a copy of the Amtrak 40th Anniversary DVD and would be willing to share it.


Erik H. said...

Short answer: No.

Long answer: If this is your attempt at an apology, it's rather pathetic and self-serving of you.

You've already been unable to prove me wrong, yet you continue to harass me and argue for the sake of arguing with me, rather than having a reasonable discussion.

You argue points with me solely to argue. There is no value in continuing any logical discussion with you.

I have asked you repeatedly not to respond to me; you do so - that is harassment.

You have refused to treat me with common, basic respect and dignity.

I feel no such need to consider you as a visitor inside my home.

If you feel the urge to want to visit my resource of railroad history items, may I suggest you reconsider your approach. Demanding that I bow down to your demands in order for you to gain something for your own benefit with absolutely zero benefit for myself is a very, very bad way to ask for this.

Jason McHuff said...

Thank you for responding.

But I believe this is untrue:
You've already been unable to prove me wrong

For example, in this tweet, you argue that cars are a "cash cow", yet ignore that airports are one of the very few places that people actually have to pay real money for parking.

In this conversation, you imply that TriMet runs the railroad that WES runs on, even though you then acknowledge that PNWR is actually responsible for it.

In this tweet, you give out counts that are not possible to back up, and are shown another example of a tweet about Line 12.

In addition, there was another tweet about Line 12 just today.

Here, you claim TriMet doesn't do rider surveys. Yet see:

Here, you infer that a TVM is unusable, yet ignore that, in reality, the only part that is not working is a function that virtually no one needs to use to purchase a ticket.

Here you claim that TriMet put $5 million of its funding into a new Rockwood MAX station, but ignore that virtually all of it came from outside sources and could not be spent on buses.

Think about it: TriMet's essentially a contractor there, and if you hired a contractor, do you think it would be right if they decided that your money you gave them would be better spent on something else?

Here, you claim meeting info disappeared, but were shown where it was online and I personally observed multiple, detailed signs posted right on the bus stop sign poles in Tigard.

Let's start with those examples, all just from your Twitter feed in the past weeks.

Plus there are other (most definitely impartial) people that agree that you're wrong about stuff.

And I was not insisting on coming to your house. It was just an idea. Let's ignore that part for now and focus on the debate.