Monday, June 30, 2014

Another massive Trimet fail this morning

We love the light rail cause when it fails it really fails! Nothing makes a person feel quite so helpless as being stranded at a transit stop. I'm sure glad they just gave that dickhead Mcfarlane another nice $6000 raise, he sure has earned every penny hasn't he.

 So, what exactly was the "power issue" that led to Monday morning's MAX meltdown.
Over the weekend, crews spliced existing electrical wire to allow for the tie-in of the new MAX Orange Line at the Jackson Street terminus of the Portland Transit Mall.
"They thought they had it all worked out," said Roberta Altstadt, a TriMet spokeswoman. "But when they tried to turn on the power this morning, something failed. We're still trying to troubleshoot it to try to figure out what's going on."

TriMet experiencing systemwide MAX meltdown, morning commuters report (updates) |

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Anonymous said...

He has risen to his level of incompetence.