Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trimet said they were refunding us the money they stole in 2009-2010

But alas it was all empty words as it always is with the pseudo criminals that run Trimet
From Trimet press release:

As part of the original arbitration award, Arbitrator Gaba ruled that TriMet must refund $3.6 million in premiums that employees paid prior to the arbitration award. (notice how Trimet ignored Gabba's order)

Trimet has refused over and over to refund the illegal charge that was imposed on union members because  Mcfarlane was angry with union leadership. And despite numerous court rulings Trimet has refused to return the illegally confiscated union members funds. One of  Trimet strategies is ignoring court orders. 
Let's see if they actually do what the court tells them to do, they usually dont

So how much is your refund, that depends on which coverage you selected. In my case I selected the most expensive option so expect a full refund. There are about 1500 union employees at Trimet.

If the refunds were split evenly that would be $2400 per employee!

∙ Finally, ERB’s agreement with the Union that health insurance costs could not be collected retroactively means that TriMet must now pay union members over $3.1 million because of TriMet’s prior wrong doing. (TriMet has appealed that decision so payments are still pending the outcome of that appeal) (so once again Trimet will not honor the court decision but drag it out using tax payer funds to appeal, they have no ethics at Trimet executive level, they cheat, they lie, and they distort)


$3.6 million going to be refunded for union members

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