Sunday, June 22, 2014

Macfarlane just gave himself another $6000 raise at the same time he destroys the people that created Trimet

And every single of his overpaid henchmen will be getting an extra 3% on top of their already six figure salaries. This man does this at the exact same time he is destroying his union retirees. Jim Fowler spent his life building the nuts and bolts that make Trimet a transit agency, and now that same agency is trying to destroy him.


Anonymous said...

I need some help here please. All I can find on the Oregon Governor's pay is $93,600.00 per year.
If this not correct please make a comment.
But if true then Trimet's McFarland is paid over trice as much as the governor of Oregon. Tell me is the governor that stupid!

Al M said...

That is correct in that Mcfarlane makes more than the govenor and all the mayors

Jason McHuff said...

The governor does get use of a mansion, body guard and other things. Not saying it makes it comparable.