Thursday, June 26, 2014

Milwaukie TC name is changed

Mr Ferguson replied to this post in the comments section.

As you can see Jeremy is just 'one of the boys'
What used to be called Milwaukie Transit Center is now called Milwaukie City Center.
Trimet employee(moved to st car cause it was a 'conflict' haha!) Jeremy Ferguson has made that decision.  
Jeremy just happens to also be the mayor of Milwaukie.
 Lots of people (including myself) wonder about that and the obvious conflicts of interest but this is Portland and Trimet so this sort of thing is common. It seems to be a culturally acceptable situation actually. 
(this is an unconfirmed report)


Anonymous said...

Ferguson hasn't been a TriMet employee in years.

Al M said...

Having all the right friends in all the right places they conveniently moved Jeremy to Street car so it would appear there was no longer any collusion. Ya I bought that, sure I did.

Anonymous said...

Look back at the history of when he was a TRIMET employee and when he became mayor, Yes he is a

Anonymous said...

The agreement to dissolve the Transit Center happened under an "Umbrella Agreement" in 2008 before I was on City Council. In 2007 and 2008 most of the agreements were put into place for PMLR with the City. Before I was on City Council. Then Mayor, but now County Commissioner Jim Bernard was the spearhead behind light rail. Feel free to call City Hall, ask for the Office of the City Recorder to request a copy of any of the documents for light rail. The number to City Hall is 503-786-7555. Specific to the Transit Center, the MOU/Umbrella Agreement called for the dissolution of the TC and for all buses except the 70 & 75 to no longer lay over in that area. When you ask for documents, you may want the following: Umbrella Agreement/MOU and resolution, Locally Preferred Alternative document, agreement for payment of funds to TriMet, and the letter from the State Ethics Commission regarding my participation in things related to TriMet. You will see that either: 1, I was not on the City Council at the time decisions were made or 2, I was recused from conversations related to TriMet.

As to my employment, I left TriMet in the summer of 2012 after I had successfully gone through the application and hiring process with the City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation. Nobody "moved" me. I worked for the City of Portland for 16 months, leaving in August of 2013. While employed by the City of Portland I was an Operations Supervisor for Portland Streetcar.

Buy it or not, I will stand behind the actions I have taken to stay separated from the decision making process. It's easy to believe rumors, but harder to go back to examine the truth. The documents, videos and meeting minutes will all show that I had no say in the planning of light rail to Milwaukie; including the Umbrella Agreement which dissolved the Transit Center.

Jeremy Ferguson
Mayor, City of Milwaukie

Al M said...

Oh. Well I guess that answers that then.

Anonymous said...

Well that settles that and thank you for keeping up on the TRIMET situation in your area and providing us with accurate feedback, it must be true. you no longer work at TRIMET

Al M said...

Haha! It may or not be %100 accurate at least the guy has the guts to make a rebuttal. That shows more class than the Trimet execs who think if they just ignore criticism it doesn't exist.

Erik H. said...


If the "Transit Center" was to be dissolved, why did TriMet/Metro/City of Milwaukie pay a lot of money to rebuild the "Transit Center" with all new shelters, sidewalks, benches, etc.?

Why would all of the powers that be spend well over a million dollars to rebuild something that wasn't supposed to be there?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're too honest to be a politician. Wanna be our new GM?

Anonymous said...

The word transit destroys property values. Spin. Spin. Change a name and sell your developments for even more money.