Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet the Trimet 'leadership team'

In reality this should be titled "Meet Neils Cronies"

This comes from the TRIMET WEBSITE

The Big Man himself, Neil (the dickhead) Mfarlane who is actively seeking the destruction  Trimet retirees. He enriches himself while hurting others. No worse evil exists. He makes $228k/year

Bob Nelson! One of Mcfarlanes cronies from the past brought back to be DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER. Mcfarlane has really expanded his personal empire and created this whole new job for his pal Bob. Bob makes a nice neat $200k on top of his nice little Trimet pension
"Double Dipping" Dave Auxier. Another of Neils cronies brought back to watch the books for Neil. Mcfarlane only trusts people he knows which is why there are so many cronies brought back to Trimet. Dave gets and extra $175 on top of his handsome Trimet pension
Dan Blocher, not to be confused with the star of the former TV series Bonanza. Don't know too much about Dan but we do know he is one of Neils cronies who was elevated to his $180k position when Mcfarlane took over. Dan was already working at Trimet when he was 'promoted'. I believe Blocher is earning around $180k
Bernie Bottomly. And yet another crony of Neils (seeing a patter here?) who was brought back to Trimet when Fred's crony decided to take her nice pension and jump ship. Bernie is pulling in a nice little $180k
Shelly Devine. Sounds like a porn-stars name. She took over for Jana Toran who got the hell out of dodge. I think her salary is also around $180k

Shelly (the blimp) Lomax. Shameless careerist who played a major role in getting rid of me. She will do anything to get ahead. Ruthless and cutthroat you can never believe a word she says. Her husband works at Trimet as a bus driver (cronyism?). Shelly makes a nice neat $188k
Then there is Harry Sapporta, yet another of Neils cronies brought back to pretend that everything is 'safe at Trimet'. He's one of the dullest speakers I've ever seen
Last but certainly not least is Randy 'fat boy' Stedmen. Randy Stedmen used to be Randy Kearn. Who knows why he changed his name but  people don't usually do that unless they are trying to hide something. A known union buster who was fired from Mt Hood college after busting the union there his entire goal is the end unionism at Trimet, or at least render the union harmless

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