Friday, June 13, 2014

Trimet attempts to spin WES ridership

WES ridership is up...WES ridership is up...WES ridership is up...
The facts of the matter are even after 5 years in business it has not achieved the original ridership projections.
Oh well who cares about projections and costs and competence?
Trimet is the poster child of wasteful unaccountable government, where its executives retire on obscene pensions 

When WES’ doors first opened, TriMet officials expected to see 2,400 people a day swarming station platforms. It averaged half that.  (source)

This is the current ridership; Weekday were up 15.4 percent to 2,020 (source)

Listen up you assholes that write this propaganda, you have nothing to brag about, when ridership achieves the number that it was supposed to be you can post that and every time it goes up from there you can post % increases. What you're doing now is a flat out lie and distortion

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