Monday, June 23, 2014

Joe Rose story on Trimet big brother

These are a couple of the important abstracts from his article

Administrative law judge B. Carlton Grew ruled that TriMet could continue to train the so-called "eighth camera" on the agency's newest buses on drivers.
Grew said the ATU knew at least six months before they filed the complaint that the cameras would be turned on. So, the judge dismissed that piece of the union's complaint as "untimely."
~~~The union screwed up and didn't file the complaint in a timely manner. Unacceptable.

However, Grew concluded that direct audio recording of bus operators during work time -- and direct audio and visual recording of bus operators during break time -- are mandatory subjects of bargaining. He ordered TriMet to negotiate those decisions with the ATU. 
 In the wake of the ruling, "we are recording both audio and video from the eighth camera but we are not using it to either exonerate or confirm an incident involving an operator," said Mary Fetsch, a TriMet spokeswoman.  "We hope to work with the ATU to negotiate the use of the camera and audio." 
~~~>So Trimet once again is ignoring a lawful order. This is what they do, ignore lawful orders. And there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Remember who you are working for Trimet employees.

Bruce Hansen, ATU 757 president, said he would respond to the labor board's latest ruling in an email to The Oregonian. But he didn't send the email or respond to text messages.
~~~>Bruce is using the Jon Hunt technique of communication, which is no communication. Unacceptable!

TriMet violated law with cameras, microphones recording bus drivers, Oregon labor board rules |


Anonymous said...

Did you confirm any of this with Bruce Hansen?

Al M said...

I'm assuming Joe isn't making shit up as he goes...

Anonymous said...

What type of a journalist 'assumes'?

Al M said...

I'm not a 'journalist'. Just ask Trimet.

Anonymous said...

In the past you've published articles defending Bloggers who consider themselves journalists.

Al M said...

In regards to this i'm reporting and analyzing the Joe Rose story