Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#17 #70 Line 17 & 70 due to blocking accident on 17th by PGE detour Northbound ONLY Regular route to 17th and Center, left Center, right Milwaukie & Regular route until clear.
[Line 17, should have "left Powell" at the end]

#94 #96 Due to traffic jams on i, buses are using Barbur Blvd into Portland City Center due to heavy traffic in I-5. Expect delays.
[Line 94 doesn't use I-5 inbound, and the reason only needs to be mentioned once]

#85 LINE 85 outbound: Regular route to Rose Qtr then left Multnomah, right Interstate, right Larrabee, right Broadway into Weidler, left Williams & Regular route FROM: 7a UNTIL: 5p.
[that reroute was for Lines 4 and 44; Line 85 does not go up Williams]

#4 Line 4 back to regular route on Division. Slow order of 5 MPH between 12th & 21st.

#70 The stop on SE 12th at Division is closed. Use stop at Powell or Harrison.
[those stops are a long ways from Division]

#4 No service to eastbound stops on SE Division between 11th and 20th, due to construction. Use stop on 7th at Grant (Stop ID 7857) or on Division at 23rd (Stop ID 1439).
[long ways between stops]

Line 76: buses are back to regular route at PCC.
[Line 76 doesn't go to PCC]

#20 Line 20 Eastbound: Regular route to west burnisde and 15th, right 15th, left Alder, left 12th, right Burnide and regular route, until clear.
#20 Line 20 Eastbound:Regular route to west. Burnside and 12th, right 12th, left Couch, left 16th, right Burnside and regular route, until clear.
#20 Line 20 Westbound: Regular route to west burnisde and 15th, right 15th, left Alder, left 12th, right Burnide and regular route, until clear.
[first one was fine, second one was for westbound, third was for eastbound]

#17 #32 Buses using Steel Bridge Eastbound - BACK TO Regular route 17:32.
[somehow, the time is being translated into bus line numbers]

#4 For trips to Gresham, no service to regular stop at SE Division & 12th (Stop ID 1375). Use Line 70 stop (ID 6545) east of 12th at Division.
[should be "on 12th", not "east of"]

#4 Line 4 detour to Gresham Transit Center Regular route to Division and 8th, right 8th left Division Place left Woodward left Milwaukie Ave right Division and Regular route Till 16:00 today.
[either "left Division Place" should not have been in there, or "right 9th" should have been added after that]

#4 Line 4 detour Inbound Only: Regular route to Vancouver and Shaver, right Shaver left Gantebein left Failing right Vancouver and Regular route Until clear.
#4 No service to Portland between Vancouver & Shaver and Failing & Vancouver.
[should have been for Line 44]

#17 #20 update at 6:20pm The detour for line 17 & 20 for the Dyke March are cancelled. Please go regular route. Thanks Juli.
[did Juli say you're welcome?]

#22 No service between 141st & Alton and 141st & Milton near Alton Park until 4pm.
[should be Argay Park]

#22 Line 22, detour, to Regular route to 141st and Milton, right Milton into 142nd, left Alton, right 141st to LO at Argay Park, then regular route. Reverse on your return trip. until 4pm.
[missing a direction]

#15 Line 15 detour Northbound Only: Regular route to Morrison and 16th, right 16th, left Burnside and Regular route Until Clear.
[should really be westbound]

#70 Line 70 detoured outbound regular route to 11th and Stevens, right Stevens, left 10th, , left Lincoln, right 11th, and regular route until clear.
[outbound is ambiguous for a crosstown line, and it's Stephens, not Stevens]

#10 #71 Lines 10,71 LEAVING 94th and Foster: Regular route to 97th and Foster, left 97th continue 97th, right Harold, right 111th, left Foster and Regular route until further notice, due to police action.
[should be "Woodstock and 97th", not Foster]

#9 Line 9 you have a stop closure at Westbound Powell & Powell loop. ID# 4621. You can service the stop before or after, no temporary stop. Thank you Wendy.
[did Wendy say you're welcome?]

#75 LINE 75 - due to the J.Creek detour please leave Milwaukie Transit Center 3 mins early & if U can leave Hollywd 1 min early & run up to 3rd early after that.

#16 Line 16 inbound detour: Regular route to Front and 17th, right 17th, left Everett, right Naito and regular route.
[big detour]

#8 Line 8 Ainsworth Layover:Regular route to Ashley and Grand, continue Ashley, right 6th, right Ainsworth to layover and regular route, until the barricades say local access only or 7a-5p.
["until the barricades say local access only"?]

#70 LINE 70 - the train has CLEARED!!! Regular route!

#80 #81 Lines 80 and 81 closed Halsey to Stark due to police activity. Expect delays.
[Lines 80 and 81 closed?]

#80 #81 Lines 80 and 81 257 Closed Halsey to Stark Police action more to come when we get it.

#17 #70 LINES 17 & 70 - reminder - ya'all are back on Regular route Southbound via 17th between Milwaukie Ave & Center St.! thx!
[are we in the South?]

#35 #36 Lines 35 & 36 the temporary stop at Macadam & Curry has been moved 100 ft north. please watch for it. thank you.
[where will the stop be next?]

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Lines 4, 8, 35, 44, 77: the steel bridge is going up plz use your bridge closure detour, continue Everett and see the supervisor at 2nd and Everett.
[I'm pretty sure the bridge detour says to turn at 5th and skip Everett and 2nd]

#17 #70 LINES 17 & 70 - please use Regular route Southbound via 17th to the Center. Regular route BOTH directions between Center & Milwaukie.
["to the Center"?]

#77 Line 77 to Montgomery park detour: Regular route to Glisan and 5th, left 5th, right Flanders, right 10th, left Glisan and regular route.
["right Flanders" is an illegal turn]

#17 #70 Today only, TransitTracker will not predict arrivals for stops on the Milwaukie Ave detour. Use stop ID 4536 to get an estimate of your bus's arrival at SE Milwaukie and Powell, along Milwaukie Ave, or on SE 17th at Boise.

#4 Line 4: Back to regular route both directions. Thanks for your patients.
[that should be "patience"]

#15 Line 15 to Salmon and 5-Regular route detour to Columbia and 12th, left 12th, right Salmon and regular route.

#20 Line 20 Eastbound: Via regular route to west Burnside & SW 13th right 13th right Washington right SW 14th And continue your detour.

#75 Line 75, use your detour for the paving on 41st $ fremont.

#6 #54 #56 ALL BUSES THAT NEED TO BE ON detour PLZ FOLLOW YOUR detour NOW EXCEPT LINES 6 and 54 and 56.

 #4 #35 #44 Lines 4,35,44:Regular route detour to MLK and Hancock, continue MLK, right Multnomah, left Wheeler into the RQTC and then continue your detour, Until Blocked at Hancock.

#16 Line 16 detour: Regular route to Nato Parkway & Couch, right Davis, left 3rd, right Oak then regular route until clear.
[how do you turn on Davis after continuing to Couch?]

#93 #94 Line 93 & 94: Sorry, buses are still on detour in Tigard.

#4 #6 #8 #9 #10 #12 #14 #15 #17 #19 #20 #33 #35 #44 #66 #77 From about 3 to 6 p.m., expect delays due to bridge lifts for arriving Rose Festival ships.
[Lines 9, 66 and probably 6, 10, 14 and 33 shouldn't have been included]

#70 update at 3:00p LINE 70 Northbound back to Regular route at the Columbia Ave Overpass.
[should be Columbia Blvd]

#70 LINE 70 Northbound: Regular route to 33rd and Dekum, left Dekum, right 27th, right Lombard, right EXIT to 42nd Ave then left 42nd, left Columbia, to 33rd & Regular route UNTIL: CLEAR.
[go from 33rd to 27th to 42nd to 33rd]

#51 No service to stops on SW Council Crest between Chehalem and Council Crest Drive until 5 pm today.
[should be no service south of Chehalem]

#70 LINE 70 outbound: Regular route to 33rd and Jessup, right Jessup, left 35th, left Simpson, right 33rd, & Regular route then Regular route to 33rd and Dekum, left Dekum, right 27th, left Lombard, right 11th, right Lombard Place, right Columbia, left 21st, & Regular route UNTIL: CLEAR around 12th noon.
[a double detour]

#17 Line 17: return to regular route at Saratoga. Thanks :)

 #17 Line 17 - plz check your pouches for a detour for the Saratoga end of your route - reply yes if you have this detour and no if you do not plz.

#17 #70 The southbound stop on SE 17th at Boise (Stop ID 13658) will close for construction from 7 a.m. Monday until about 5 p.m. Use temporary stop on 17th at Mall.
[the Boise stop itself was a temporary stop, replacing the one at Center]

#9 Line 9: Due to police activity, this route is detoured as follows; Inbound: Regular route to Powell and 39th, right Cesar Chavez, left Division, left 21st, left Clinton, right th, right Powell and regular route until further notice.
[is it 39th or Cesar Chevez? also "right th"?]

#19 Line 19 to Gateway Transit Center: back to detour.

#15 Line 15 the Fun Run is now over please only follow the parade detour.. Thank you.

#15 Line 15 Belmont and 23rd to NW23rd: When directed by sup at 10th regular route detour to Jefferson and 11th, L11th, right Clay into HWY 26, right Zoo exit, left Overpass, left HWY 26, right Canyon Road,veer right Collins Circle to 18th and regular route.

#70 Line 70 detour Southbound, Regular route to SE 17th to Milport, left Milport, right Main, left Harrison then regular route until further notice.
[should not be "left Harrison"]

#4 #44 Lines 4 & 44 inbound detour: Regular route to Vancouver and Broadway, right Broadway, left Larabee, left Winning way, right Wheeler and regular route Until clear.
[normally, the "right Broadway" is an illegal turn]

#6 Line 6: Regular route to Jefferson and 14th then left 14th, right Columbia and layover at Safeway or at the Park Blocks until further notice.
[should be "left Columbia"]

#35 Line 35 regarding the new detour at U of P - plz do NOT block ANY driveways at any time and plz follow the perscribed detour at all times.

#48 Line 48 to Sunset Transit Center: On Cornell between Murray & Saltzman, line 62 has been detoured and will miss those stops, advise any customers that want the 62nd of this and transport to Sunset Transit Center if needed.

#16 Line 16: Due to unknown blockage in the downtown area, this route is detoured as follows; regular route to Naito and Couch, right Couch, left 3rd., right Oak and regular route until further notice.

#4 Line 4 buses are NOT on detour downtown.

#35 Line 35 Operators, if you have a GREEN detour in your pouch, pls. remove and do not use. Use the detour with the Revision Date of May 19th, 2014th. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Dispatch.

#75 line 75 Lombard at Hereford is blocked in both directions.. detour coming soon.

#21 Line 21 to Gateway detour: Regular route to Sandy and 125th place, left 125th place, right Shaver, right 122nd, left Skidmore into 121st, left Prescott, right 118th, left Sandy and regular route.
[Line 21 does not go to Gateway]

#4 Line 4 to Gresham: regular route Peninsular and Halleck, F-Peninsular, LT-Lombard to Denver and regular route.

#4 Line 4 to Gresham, Part 2nd of 2nd: RT-unmarked street,rt-Division place, LT-Woodward,LT-Milwaukie into 12th,RT-Division and regular route.

#15 LINE 15: at 3rd and Pine on your detour please make eye contact with the police officer blocking for the filming being done & he will bump thru regular route detour Should be clear by 10a.

#4 Line 4 - Construction at Mississippi and Prescott - buses are to go past the street closure signs: Southbound and Blandena, Northbound and Skidmore - Southbound lanes close at Prescott - use Northbound lanes for both directions, use caution.

#35 Line 35 inbound:buses are on regular route when you get to Portsmouth and Willis stay in the correct lane and wait for a flagger.

#4 Line 4 Eastbound: regular route to Division and 38th, LT-38th, RT-Grand, RT-Csear Chavez, LT-Division and regular route until clear.
["Grand" should be "Grant"]

#4 Line 4 Westbound: regular route to division and cesar chavez, LT-Cesar Chavez, RT-26th, LT-Division and regular route until clear.
[missing a turn between Chavez and 26th]

#4 #24 #44 Lines 4,24,44: STOP CLOSED. Vancouver & Stanton. This stop is closed all hrs all days until further notice. DO NOT PICK UP PASSENGERS AT THIS LOCATION.

#9 #17 #19 LINES 9,17,19: with the Sellwood closure again today please try to hit the timepoint before Milwaukie and Powl 3 mins early. thx.

#20 Expect delays eastbound. The light at E Burnside and 24th is stuck on red.
#20 Westbound buses are running late due to delays caused by a stuck traffic light at Burnside and 24th.

#77 Line 77 Eastbound: Regular route to Broadway & 45th, right 45th, left Halsey, right 47th and regular route Until 3pm.
[should not be "right 47th"]

#75 Line 75 detour as follows both directions use Greeley to Rosa Parks to Denver until further notice due to a house fire.

#70 Line 70 Blocking accident on Columbia do not do Riverside loop Stay on 33rd until we can get you all a detour.

#31 #33 #79 Lines 31, 33,79, start your Teddy Bear Parade detour now. Thank You, Dispatch.

#19 Line 19 Eastbound stop at Glisan and 44th from 8a-4p. No temporary stops.
[I think it should be "stop closed"]

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12, 19 & 20 - when police close Burnside east bound from 11th to the Bridge it will be closed ONLY to auto traffic, BUSES WILL BE BUMPED THRU - possible delay of 15th+ mins - caution and patiencs plz.

Portland Streetcar disrupted due to an eastside power outage. Shuttle buses now serving stops between NE Broadway & Ross (Moda Center) and OMSI.
[Streetcars can't turn around at Ross; the shuttles were actually going to the Pearl District]

#70 Line 70 Northbound: regular route to Broadway & 25th, left 25th, right Tillamook, right 32nd, left Hancock, right 33rd, left Broadway & regular route Until furthur notice.
[should be "left 33rd & regular route"]

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