Friday, June 20, 2014

Trimet, the master of Propaganda techniques

Trimet is in the middle of another BLITZKRIEG propaganda attack. Along with their partners in crime (the mainstream media)  they are making news out of all sorts of things that have NO EFFECT on transit riders.

Like  TRIMET IS TESTING AN ELECTRIC BUS which means absolutely nothing to any current Trimet rider. Trimet is way behind other transit districts in looking at this technology.

Or  We have 100 DIFFERENT TRANSIT TRACKERS big freaking deal, how many transit location applications are necessary for crying out loud.

And everybody's favorite distraction the TILL-I-CUM BRIDGE (aka the Kirk Reeves bridge) which is rolled out several times each month to distract the public from real transit issues.

And  don't leave out TRIMET ANTI UNION PROPAGANDA which is oh so important to keep the lies and distortions about their union employees current in the public's mind. These phony law suits serve no purpose other than allow Trimet officials to publish even more anti union baloney.

Trimet is constantly pumping out useless propaganda disguised as news to influence the minds of Portland area citizens. It's vitally important that the CULT OF TRIMET continue to exist is most people minds. Its how they can get away with all the other abuses.