Thursday, June 19, 2014

How much collusion was there between the Secretary of State and Trimet

Most people didn't expect much out of that phony 'audit'. That whole audit was supposed to be about Mcfarlanes secret raises but in the end nothing was said at all about that. Instead the 'public officials' (sic) turned it all around on the union employees. Now on every single 'media release' (sic) contains this at the end when talking about the 'negotiations'.

It needs to be said that the union is doing the only thing it can really do in this situation. Having given away the right to strike (one HUGE mistake that is unforgivable) the union has lost all of its leverage. Trimet officials can just hold out till its time for arbitration. Arbitration's have been going  very badly for unions in this country. Very few awards are with union workers. All the union can do is stonewall the process, its absolutely the best strategy right now, its the only strategy actually since Trimet holds all the cards and the mainstream media is in their pocket.

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