Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I've always hated doing posts on really bad bus drivers but every now and then there is one that is so bad it becomes blog material, such is the case of Trimet line 57 train 69 leaving Beaverton 1:33 each afternoon. A minute early is not early in my book, 2 mins early is early but not punishable especially if the company gives the operator no recovery time at the end of the line. But 3 minutes and hotter is actually hurting people that don't deserve it. Like riders who are actually on time but have been left behind. And the follower bus which gets creamed doing the work for 2. This has been reported twice but as of today the rogue continues in his ways.

Speaks volumes about the culture of apathy that exists at Trimet, both from the operators and on the management side. Nobody anywhere cares enough to bother dealing with it. Sad state of affairs.




Steve Fung said...

That's an old Claudine trick.

Anonymous said...

some transit -+ 3 min is ok like TTC
at end of each day is report of each run: time pointing , speed of vehicle , passenger count , revenue , video ,operator id .. also at end of each crew 3 months print out actual run time for dispatch , managements .. soon or later this operator will face the music
all transit insisted on departure time with few exceptions like shuttle, special run, ghost run..