Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trimet 'investigating' the Erik Holm incident

Trimet says they are 'investigating' the incident between Mr Holm and the bus that pushed him off the road.

Mr Holm is a well known Twitter critic and we all know how Trimet treats its critics, Trimet acts like we don't exist.

Think about it, what is there to investigate? They have Mr Holm's statement, they must have taken the bus driver's statement.

Was there any video of the incident? Did they pull the video when Mr Holm reported the incident which they should have.

That's all there is to investigate. Cut and dry. But as usual Trimet is dragging it out. Trimet intentionally drags these things out. Time is always on their side. The more time that goes by the less reaction there is to the incident. Unaccountable as usual. This incident made the mainstream finally because BikePortland covered it.

You can't believe anything Trimet says, when will people finally realize this?

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