Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ERB rules against the union

Remember the whole deal where they were gonna make the negotiations public?
Well Trimet called foul and won this one.
The only penalty is that the union must 'post a notice' that they lost.
The big difference between this and other ERB decisions is that this is bureaucrats squabbling with each other while the other ULP's are actions that the company has taken that has direct effect on the union employees. Hopefully the union will take it to the court of appeals like Trimet does. Nothing is ever final in the ATU757 vs TRIMET


Anonymous said...

They also have to pay for the Multnomah County court costs

Al M said...

Ya so do I.....

Anonymous said...

Well of course our great union communication does not even provide their membership with any information about the ruling but when Bruce wants to air his personal bullshit, it all comes in the public domain.

Unknown said...

Anon, is right. But the fight is not over by a long mile. Members will have to decide, "what are we prepared to do?"