Thursday, December 31, 2020


 Hi Lyle,


I would love to meet with you and Mr. Santana, to share more of Operators’ COVID stressors, the consistent disrespect shown to Operators, segregation vs. social distancing, etc. However, I would have to have a witness of my choosing, an HR Rep. and would want the meeting recorded. I would also like to have a little time to get other Operators’ opinions, feelings, reactions to COVID stressors, how they think TriMet is disrespecting them (or respecting them?? Doubtful, but maybe), etc.  If this is not a possibility, I’d rather just keep the conversation going via email.


I had thought I was very clear in all the emails, but I know that some things can be misunderstood in email, text, etc. type communications.  If you do not want to have a recorded meeting, please just let me know what I can explain better?? Via email, or other written format.


Anthony Forrester contacted me via text, stating that the shop would be opened again, but with a notice not to loiter??? Again, disrespectful. Could we have “no loitering” signs on our break room doors, out in the field? Maintenance, and any other employee, besides Operators, cannot “loiter” in break rooms? I can’t tell you how many times, I have not been able to use the restroom on my break, because a maintenance person has been in the bathroom. Could you do that? I’m assuming not….which is a GOOD thing…because it would be disrespectful to those employees. Yet, for some odd reason…totally acceptable to be disrespectful to Operators.

This is one reason I would like to have an HR person at the meeting (if it happens). To explain HR 6.1 better. Why is it acceptable for mgt to be disrespectful to Operators, yet discipline Operators who they claim are disrespectful to them?? What is TriMet’s definition of respect? Does TriMet understand, or even care,  what respect is TO OPERATORS??


If I see a “no loitering” sign, I will take that as an insult to Operators. However,  by ‘re-opening’ the shop….you have probably helped with Operators not leaving the yard late. I’m not sure if that’s all your concerned about, and could care less about disrespecting Operators?? I don’t know.

Please let me know if you’d still like to meet, with the above conditions. Or is it a moot point now, and the only concern is getting Operators out on time, and not concerned with disrespecting Operators.

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Al M said...

They'll never allow recording----that said nobody is stopping you from recording it...for notes later