Monday, November 5, 2012


It's not like I am not used to being abused, I have suffered abuse from all sorts of people since I started this blog so its nothing new to me.
But poor Lane, just trying to see what's going on and gets as bad a rap as me. It's such a shame!  
Click HERE to see just how far off the deep end some of my compatriots have gone over basically a bunch of silly harmless videos. WILL AL LOSE IT AND GO POSTAL?


Al M said...

You'd think bus drivers would have a thicker skin than this.
Man what a bunch of hallucinating nuts!
That Dawn Lafady, wow, what planet is she from anyway?

Irv said...

You two need to find a hobby or a part time job...

Al M said...

Hey Irv, don't ya get it, we have a hobby! I don't need no job, I live for this shit!

Just think of us as WEIRD!

Al M said...

No personal attacks remember. And what you may call a loser I may call a winner.
It all in the eye of the beholder.

Al M said...

If you can see clearly, which apparently many people find impossible to do, you would realize that its all harmless stuff.

Even Neil Mcfarlane talked to Lane while Lane was dressed in his outfit.

I'm starting to like Neil more and more actually. I'm thinking of having a chat with him myself at the next board meeting.

Henry Beasley said...

If the company doesn't care why should we, let me repeat, "if the company doesn't care why should we." Let the man do his thing, and us do our thing, we have bigger fish to fry.