Sunday, April 21, 2013

So no wonder they need to cut union benefits

Look at all this crap going on at 3MESS, and this isn't even the executive positions!

Welcome:(new hires)

Denise Baker, Dwayne Banks, Gary Bothern, Dwayne Dusky, Catherine Elmore, Jacqueline Fisch, Heather Hyland, Tobi Janes, Ynona Johnson, Celina Kuder, Ronald Lamm, Joel Mackey, Sarah Milburn, William Mooers, Andre Nabors, Sher Pindell, Brian Schrantz, John Taggart, Troy Torgerson, Ling Varney, Shelley Vielmetti and Jason Wilhelm, Mini-Run Operators.

Congratulations on your promotion:(everybody on this list gets a raise, not a small one either i bet)

Michael J. Achong, from LRV Mechanic to Field Technician Apprentice; Gabriel Binkley, Chadwick Bowman, Duane Eisele, Mark Remond, Kelly Schroeder and Jason Shaw, from Service Workers to Apprentice Mechanics; John Andersen, David Bowlby, Jay Britton, Carlos Chevez-Torres, Merouane Dinia, Staci Goss, Pepito Hardipura, Joseph Knepper, Michael Lam, Dane Lovell, William McGown, Zachary Pearson, Christopher Swoverland and Larry Yeaman, from Service Workers to LRV Apprentice Mechanics; Clarke Boozer and Wilson Nyunt, from Bus Operators to Road Supervisors; Gerald Brevick, Javan Cutts, Philip Graham, Peter Lazuran and David McFerran, from Service Workers to Signals Maintainer Apprentice; Jeff Horick, from Maintenance Mechanic to LRV Apprentice Mechanic; Mathew Carlberg and Shawn Kersey, from Bus Operators to Rail Operators; Elizabeth Rushen and Ricky Smith, from Bus Operators to Training Supervisors; and Josh Stone, from Maintenance Mechanic to Apprentice Mechanic.


railsignalman said...

Sooner or later, they had to hire people that actually have something to do with the operating and maintenance of TM. Besides, executive office space is near full.

Al M said...

Haha, ya I suppose.