Monday, April 22, 2013


Portable toilet where TriMet driver was stabbed long a source of concern |

"When TriMet paid us, the drivers we're allowed to use the restroom here," said Young Nam, who owns Checkers Market with her husband. "But they don't want to pay any more."

Uh Huh, there ya go, they told the story right there!

A TriMet spokeswoman couldn't confirm Nam's story. If the agency stopped payments to the corner market, Hansen said the decision to switch to portable toilets makes no sense."It's got to cost more to rent those Porta-Potties," he said.
~~~>It could be considerably cheaper, its just one toilet

When you help portapotty services decrease their costs they can pass down some of those savings. Therefore, you may be able to keep a portable toilet on site for $100 to $300 per month per unit if you sign a long term contract for multiple units, as long as the units only need to be cleaned once a month or so. The more attention they require the higher the cost.
That's pretty cheap isn't it?

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Jason McHuff said...

From what I remember, the restroom was found to be in an unacceptable condition. It wasn't a cost issue.

Al M said...

You didn't read the store owners comments or what?

Jason McHuff said...

Yes, I saw what he claimed, but that's not what I remember. I believe the discussion took place on the Yahoo! group, if you want to go look for it.

Given that (I'm pretty sure) TriMet willingly pays for access at many other places, there probably was a good reason why TriMet decided not to pay. And I recall that a supervisor saw it and declared the conditions unacceptable.

Jason McHuff said...

From the article:
In 2007, however, several bus drivers said they suddenly received a notice that Checkers was "not a suitable restroom."

Al M said...

So Mr know it all, who was the notice from?

Al M said...

Your making assumptions and calling the store owner a liar.

Jason McHuff said...

I believe the notice came from TriMet.

And I'm not sure if it was recently added to the article, but it now says:

However, Fetsch said it was more complicated than that. "It was a cleanliness issue," she said. The Checkers Market restroom "was in a mop closet. We opted for the Porta Potties."

The Chauffeur said...

Go ask a driver out of Powell or Center garage who has driven the 19 about it. Then you'll get a straight answer. Until then Jason, stop trying to prove you're always right. You're not perfect.

Al M said...

Since Trimet is a pack of liars I will believe the store owner that Trimet was too cheap to pay for a bathroom with running water.

Fetsch is complaining about a 'mop closet' but an unheated plastic box with a hole in it is better?

Al M said...

Freddy beats the living shit out of JASON!

Jason McHuff said...

The bottom line is that I remember discussion on the Yahoo group of the store restroom being found unacceptable and the article (citing not just the agency but actual operators too) backs that up. If you want, you can go and search for it yourself.

In addition, I've been in that store (though not the restroom) myself and I don't recall being too impressed with the conditions.

While the portable restroom may not be heated, it should be sanitary and fit to be a restroom.

And given that a) TriMet does not seem to have a problem paying for restroom access at many other places, and b) the portable restroom is a cost itself, it does not seem that it was a cost issue.

Cameron Johnson said...

Thanks for summarizing why I'm sick of you guys. Someone makes a comment suggesting maybe TriMet isn't the vain in every situation, and everyone treated him like shit, with snide, holier than thou comments. Bonus points coming from people with seriously misplaced pride.

Al M said...

Lots of people are 'sick of us guys'

Doesn't cause me a second thought.

We just keep going no matter what.

Al M said...

And as far as I am concerned, everything bad is Trimet's fault.

Just like Trimet puts forth the argument that everything bad is related to the union benefits.

Same deal.

Cameron Johnson said...

Because we're certain to find a solution by doing the exact same things we condemn the enemy for.

Al M said...

WE aint doing shit, just having our usual squabble with Jason.

Al M said...

And I don't really see how you can equate what we are doing here with anything that Trimet does.

At least there are opposing views here, there is never an opposing view coming out of that transit industrial complex.