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TPD not here for pre-game and this is when we need them. They all showed 10 + up for post and not used nor needed.
Yellow line had enough service for the folks exiting after 10pm, we did have one on hand, but did not use.
Overall the game and crowds were pretty mellow, a few cites and warning written, several of the Interstate line machines such as Expo were reported to fare inspectors as not accepting cards.
I saw no fare techs out prior to the game as we usually have.

RQTC Platform Hardening
Lloyd Center – Stephanie & Billy 7th Ave – Julie SW 1st & Yamhill – Pamela
RQTC – Ed (PA/Rover), Beth (WB) & Lauren (EB)
° Only 78 customers were sent to buy fares; MAX ridership seemed light.
° Customers were cooperative and not complaining about fares.
· TVM/Validator Issues:
° Yamhill – Cash TVM & Validator were completely out of service. Card only TVM was out of service most of the time.
° RQTC – card only machine on WB platform went down towards end of shift.
· Killingsworth SB platform – customer reported that the TVM wasn’t accepting cards, and 5-6 customers had that issue while she was there.
· An estimated 45-50 Blazer fans chose to walk from Lloyd to RQTC.
· There didn’t seem to be many new/infrequent riders this time.
Post-Event at RQTC & IRQ:
RQTC: EB – Stephanie & Beth WB – Billy & Lauren PA/Rover - Ed
IRQ: Julie & Pamela 

· Blazer crowd started trickling out around 9:15 pm, before the game ended.
· EB and WB MAX service sufficient.
· G4S Security and Transit Police presence helped keep things safe and orderly.
· Yellow Line train #73 (heading north to Expo) was held from around 9:27 to 9:30p, allowing around 100 customers to board. Thank you Annie!
· IRQ NB Validator was out of service, so it’s good that we were there for customers with unvalidated tickets.
100 Plus at Kings Hill, the trains not being as frequent some had a little wait, not too terrible.
I had my code folks for the post not the pre- due to the fact they didn’t start until 2:15 and the game started at 2:00
But I utilized them on east and west platform helping with path finding and loading trains.
KINGS HILL NEEDS TO BE CLOSED2 hrs before and cleared after per lead or supervisor as we do now for Timbers. If the crowd counts stay to what they were at today numbers. And it would be nice to have the street closed as well if possible.
The number of people on that Kings Hill platform spilled into the ROW at different times, and by the time the westbound train made it around the corner to Kings Hill they were pretty full, and several trains left about 100 or more on the platform waiting for another train.
I did deploy a couple of the code folks to that platform to keep people away when the trains came thru, and customer service was on hand at that location as well.
The jay walkers were in full force and didn’t pay too much attention to crosswalks.
I think our thresh hold was 16,000 to harden a platform we should look into that for these games as well. Appears to be a well behaved crowd though. Unlike the Timbers who are more rowdy.
There are quite a few games coming up on Sunday now thru Aug 4th and all start at 2pm. Can we on those game days get the code folks to come in earlier to assist with pre-game. Maybe looking at bringing them in for a 12-8 shift. Something to talk about at Sets-Staff meetings.
Lloyd Center – Billy & Stephanie Yamhill – Pamela RQTC – Ed (WB) & Julie (EB)
TVM/Validator issues: Lloyd Center – TVM #52 wasn’t accepting cards. Willow Creek – 3 customers reported that WB TVMs were out of service. RQTC: Annie served as IC, and we had a large team of staff to manage fare inspection, fare sales, pedestrian safety and security. I believe Transit Police made 2 different arrests on the WB side. Ridership seemed fairly light. Most customers arrived with valid fares. An estimated dozen or so who received written warnings said they were unable to purchase fares, due to TVM problems Another dozen or so said they thought there was still a Free Rail Zone, forgot or didn’t know to validate their ticket or ran late and chose to just hop on the train. Some customers (especially EB to Clackamas) were pretty miffed when they barely missed their train, due to the fare inspection effort and just two entry points that were blocked by customers exiting the platforms.
Pre-Event at RQTC
CS Lead & PA – Ed EB Booth – Billy & Stephanie WB Booth – Julie & Pamela :
The Blazer crowd came out in a couple of waves, with quite a few folks leaving early. Inspection and fare sales activities seemed to go smoothly. Several new/infrequent MAX riders needed direction, mainly to downtown destinations. MAX service frequency was good, except for those EB customers heading to Parkrose, PDX or Clackamas who waited 25+ minutes for a Red Line or Green Line train.
Several custodies for pre-game
We took down the signage for the platform closures and placed in the trolley barn for next season.  Probably would be wise to place somewhere permanently so they don’t get tossed around or out.
 RQ-Holladay platform hardening inspection approach
·     Ridership was substantial with many Lakers fans and others who are infrequent riders
·     TVM 52 at Lloyd had malfunctioning screen display
o     More than 50 people at Lloyd were unaware that Free Zone has ended
·     KOIN TV reporter was at Yamhill District (doing a story on TVMs) but did not engage our staff
o     Best sales we’ve had yet at Yamhill District
·     Number of customers coming off without tickets was 86—one of our lowest of the season
o     Most of those were Lakers fans, or other infrequent/out-of-town riders
o     Dramatic improvement over the late October Lakers game when more than 400 fans came off trains without tickets
o     Had more than a few people express genuine gratitude for our approach of the written warning/buy a ticket vs. citation

Post event
·     Game lasted 2:13. Most of the crowd remained until final minute of the game
·     Strong Transit Police presence
·     Service at RQ-Holladay was timed well (and supervisors held trains to accommodate the fare checking process), with our one westbound extra being very well used
·     Yellow Line service also was well timed for the crowd’s exit
 Transit Police were present but clustered near the Trolley Barn end of the WB platform.  It would’ve helped if they were more spread out more.
·     G4S Security provided fare sales oversight and helped manage the RQ intersection.
·     One adult male jumped the chains between the WB & EB platforms, trying to catch the EB train. He was spoken to and cited by Inspector Coryell.
Pre-Event:  “Old Town Patrol”
     Lloyd Center – Pamela & Stephanie     Yamhill – Billy     RQTC – Julie

·     Ryan H. served as IC.
·      RQTC – Had the booth on the WB platform vs. plaza area, due to the wet weather.
·     Teams of Inspectors/Supervisors were actively riding trains back and forth between Lloyd or RQ and City Center.  I believe there were at least 5-6 people per train without valid fares.
·     Note:  Grant shared info. with me about a new type of A-board we might want to consider when we update signage again. Printing is on the same type of plastic material as on our handheld signs. These are inserted into the A-board instead of the clear plastic lens.
·     TVM/Validator Issues:
°     Lloyd Center WB – TVM #51 not accepting cash part of the time and TVM #52 not accepting cards.
°     Lloyd Center EB – Validator #49 in need of ink.  Validator #51 out of service.
°     Yamhill – Cash TVM & Validator out of service.
°     NE 7th Ave WB – out of service (per 2 of our regular Blazer fans who informed me as they arrived at RQ).  Appeared to be working between pre- & post-event.

Post-Event at RQTC:
     WB Booth – Pamela & Billy     EB – Julie (PA) & Stephanie    (No Ed, Beth or Lauren this time.)

·     Was pretty chilly but, thankfully, stopped raining. 
·     Good percentage of Blazer fans left between 9:00 and 9:20p; the rest stayed until the game ended around 9:25p. 
·     Being a Friday night, we saw a fair number of inebriated folks, mainly heading downtown.  And there were quite a few folks needing trip planning assistance.
·     MAX service was pretty well timed both WB and EB.
·     Had more field personnel than needed for a “load and go” scenario, Ryan sent 2 supervisors to monitor activity at IRQ.
The game didn’t start until 19:50, thus it broke about 21:50.
This caused the code folks to stay a little over their scheduled 2:15-10:15 time.
Fare Inspector left @ 9:30 to arrive back at Elmo via train on his schedule departure time.
Clearly it was quicker not having the racks to put up and take down, and the crowd seemed very well behaved.
Extra service in place ready to go. Had a door/bridge plate issue with the one train just a head of our extra, but not much of a delay.
CS on at JW for post, and it worked out fine, I’m sure they helped a few folks get tickets.
And since we didn’t check before boarding, sure many got a free ride.
Overall a good night.
Due to the relatively small size of this event, everything really went off without incident.  I was posted with a “new” G4S officer (new to events, not to G4s) but he was willing to assist in whatever way was requested of him.

The TPD Sergeant that was assigned at my post was great!  We seemed to work off each other quite well; was very willing to work as a team and made working this post effortless.  Thank you!
The walk started at 10:00am the crowd was about 6000+ people that is more than the 2500 estimated. 2 police officers were on scene to assist in bumping busses and trains though 5th at Yamhill and 6th at Yamhill. At this size of event it would only need 2 supervisors one to assist each police officer at 5th and 6th ave. by the time the crowd reached Front ave the distance the crowed was sparse enough that traffic could travel though normally. Today the rail supervisor that was suppose to be on scene and help with the bump through did not arrive until the tail end was leaving pioneer square so I was only able to assist bumping busses and trains through at 6th and Yamhill.
·     “Lloyd Patrol” fare enforcement model
·     Double-event resulted in some new/infrequent customers who knew that driving and parking would not be an easy experience.
o     Heard more than a few “this is the only way to go” comments.
·     Hawks game was a blowout and some folks exited early
·     WB Green #66 presented a challenge during the immediate exit
o     Bio-hazard in front car meant supervisors had to un-couple to take one car to Broadway siding, while other remained in service to PSU
o     Decision was made two stations prior to RQ, so we had time to get supervisors in place, and to give plenty of advance warning/explanation to customers.
o     Maneuver was successfully handled with a minimum of customer confusion and delay.
·     Blazer game was also a blowout and a fair portion exited in time for some trains (e.g. EB Red @ 22:06 & EB Green 22:10) that they usually don’t when there’s a 19:30 game
·     Extra trains (one each direction) were well timed and helpful
·     Customers with the longest wait were those who stayed to end of Blazer game and thus had 35 min. Clackamas, Airport and Hillsboro service.
o     Most of those Green & Red customers seemed to be rare riders who were surprised by the late night schedule.
o     All Red line customers made it on the final one of the night.
·     NB Yellow service had impact from the earlier uncoupling issue with Train 66. That train was the scheduled 22:19 train (last before going to 35 min service).
o     Train came in later (due to the uncoupling) and it was still a single-car.
o     Platform was very crowded by the time it arrived.
o     Staff worked hard to squeeze everyone on
o     Extra service bus was not used
Sunset – Julie & Stephanie Lloyd – Billy & Beth Galleria – Lauren
JELD-WEN – Ed (WB) & Pamela (EB)
Saw a mix of Timbers, Winterhawks and Symphony fans at Sunset and Lloyd, but mainly Timbers. TVMs and Validators were working at all locations. Good fare compliance at JELD-WEN; most Timbers fans had TriMet day passes.
Post-Event at JE:D-WEN:
Rover – Ed EB – Billy & Stephanie (Booth) & Lauren (Middle)
WB – Beth & Pamela (Booth) & Julie (Middle)
Lost the EB Red Line (train #43) that was due at JELD-WEN at 9:28p. Parkrose/PDX-bound customers then had to wait until 10:03p for the next EB Red Line. Had quite a few customers that we directed from WB to EB platform, but not as many from EB to WB Solid G4S Security presence; no Transit Police onsite but plenty of supervisors and Annie as IC.
Caller claimed he had jump out of the way to keep the bus from hitting him. 

I spoke with the operator at 11:20 am at 94th and Foster and he stated he had to pause at a green light for a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Police (TPD) on hand at IRQ, nice to have their support.  

We did cite quite a few folks both directions.

G4S always good to have on hand they do a great job. 
And our Customer Service reps too.

Game lost at the buzzer. 


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