Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bill Binns and Steve Morgan

Bill has been involved with running this vintage trolley since 1991. Steve is a Trimet driver and fairly accomplished transit photographer who has been published in several magazines. I knew Steve fairly well while at Trimet. He's been at Trimet for over 30 years now. He said the higher he goes in seniority the worse his runs are getting. Steve is not one to exaggerate either, he is basically very much a company man.
Bill Binns on left Steve Morgan on right


Anonymous said...

An experienced, happy, and healthy operator is a safer operator. These kind of operators are what built Trimet's past reputation for safety and reliability. They are not disposable or easily replaced employees (if "safety is our core value" as Trimet claims), yet the schedules they are given could not be any less conducive to valuing them or the concept of safety. What is the Union doing to highlight and change this?

Anonymous said...