Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New year Portland Transport

The 'old' Portland Transport logo
After about 6 years of being a regular commentator over there Bob Richardson finally decided to 'ban me for life' after I called him a Nazi for censoring my posts. In reflection I find it humorous. After they changed their format things went steadily down hill.  The pro light rail/ street car blog in Portland connected to all the 'players' its not surprising they would be happy to see me go. Chris Smith is a nice enough guy, he explained to me that I 'scared people from making comments'. LOL!  Whatever!  I hardly go over there any more. Occasionally I will scan to see if there is any over the top pro light rail/Trimet propaganda being pushed.

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Anonymous said...

Portland Transport became about as lively as the amount of ridership on the old 84-Kelso/Boring.

Someone like Chris says something, and it sits there for days without comment.

They've also missed several weeks of the "weekly" Open Thread.

Your mostly one man operation here is both more timely and relevant.