Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More comments come in defending Lane Jensen

 I didn't want to take sides on the Lane Jensen issue until I heard about his second arrest and TriMet's attempt to forbid him from his right to First Amendment Speech regarding the agency (including taking photos of buses).
 People need to realize this is a government agency claiming that the people cannot speak freely regarding it! Now I'm not one to defend Lane or comment specifically on his actions; one's freedom of speech comes with the responsibility to accept that others may exercise their freedom of speech as a direct result. 
However, some unanswered questions that delve into the why of Lane being setup: 1) Why didn't Ms. Alsdadt simply cease & desist Lane (if I understand correctly, a court order prohibiting someone from doing something and telling them if they refuse they will be taken to court)? 
 2) Why didn't Ms. Alsdadt simply reply with something like 'I will not answer this question.

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