Saturday, December 21, 2013

Particularly absurd propaganda

This really makes me want to wretch. First of all Portland is not a 'crown' its a city like every other city in America. There are rich people, poor people, happy people, and miserable people. Its a relatively new city and it does have a nice mountain in the background. But it's no 'crown' and that is nothing but the usual shameless self promotion.
And describing Trimet as a 'jewel' is crazy. Trimet is a transit system, like dozens of other transit systems around the world. Sometimes it works properly and other times it doesn't. It's an inanimate object without feeling or emotions. It's nothing but an government created institution which derives its sustenance off the citizenry. It is no 'jewel'.


Anonymous said...

That's the guy that you already determined was a plant.

Al M said...

wow, you're right thanks!