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Al M said...

This was posted but the post ended up deleted:

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Bicycle boy should starting reporting the truth and the facts correctly for a change!

Joe Rose should investigate the health, mental and emotional abuse by tri met management towards their employees.

Stupid SOP's because someone didn't like the looks of the driver or the driver didn't smile enough or kiss the public’s ass enough.

Crappy schedules that don't allow time enough to get out of the seat to pee, have a bite to eat, or just some down time to recompose after the public got in your face and called you everything under the sun because the bus is late.

Or here is good example for you Joe: How about being beaten up and hit in the head 15 times by a 300 lb gorilla gang member, chipping four teeth, no cop showing up for 6 minutes and to have the judge tell you well yell you provoked it because you reminded the ass hole that he was 50 cents short.

The Oregonian and Tri Met managements continuous demeaning of the driver, treating us as if we are so stupid and incompetent and that we are overpaid. When is the last time you hired a plumber, electrician or mechanic?

Road supervisor that come to the bus just so they can verify to dispatch what the driver said is true. And then in the mean time to have dispatch belittle the driver to the road supervisor so they already assume it’s the drivers fault before they even get there.

JOE since when is it a crime to work hard and pay your own way through life. Really Joe it took all year and a lot of overtime for Steve Garbarino to make the $96,ooo while teachers work only 9 months have endless vacations through out the work year and never work more than 7 hours a day get paid equal to the average drivers salary. And lets face it we have the worst school district in the state and the state is at the bottom of the barrel in the country.

Just remember Joe if it weren’t for the hard work of us drivers those pee ons we pick up are supported by the taxes taken out of our hide so they can stay home and do their illegal drugs.

Posted by Anonymous to RANTINGS OF A FORMER TRIMET BUS DRIVER at Wednesday, December 25, 2013 2:18:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Take away the last sentence and the above comment makes a persuasive argument (no need for the "gorilla" description either, "300 lb coward who hits women" is a better way to put it and avoids any racist overtones.) .

Anonymous said...

Let’s us not offend those who are obesitly challenged, with explosive antagonism disorders, who has a known history of belonging to a posse of like minded, that also suffer from anti sociable etiquette issues, that displayed repetitive brute force cruelty on an unfortunate an unarmed defenseless operator over 50 cents.
Remember Garrisons Gorillas’ Inspired by the film "The Dirty Dozen", this series chronicles the adventures of a group of convicts recruited into the U.S. Army by the offer of a post-war parole. Commanded by West Point graduate, Lt. Garrison, the "Gorillas" function as commandos behind Nazi lines.
Is that better now that you got your stupid political correctness description. Did it really change a thing other than you want to control my freedom of speech. The overtones that you suggest is your own racists imagination.

Max said...

Wasn't going to reply, but since you guys keep going on and on about this, I feel compelled to point out that his actual weight is 220, not 300 like the operator guessed.

Al M said...

Thanks Max