Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trimet bus was shot at

A rock does not make a perfect circular hole Dispatch Here!


Anonymous said...

Bullets from: 22-25-32 calibers, Pellet, or 4-10 shot guns would not have the velocity to penetrate the window. Also the distance in which the bullet had to travel factors in here. Gun source experts say it a bullet. Then why would Tri Met cover this up. This incident is being downplayed and drivers are not safe when management wants to turn their head the other way!

Anonymous said...

See, driving a TriMet bus is perfectly safe! Why the shooter didn't even hit anyone. We all know that buses are frequently the target of violent vandals, but their track record at injuring riders and drivers is almost nonexistent (I checked the TriMet website for proof). As long as these vandals don't cause issue with the MAX I expect TriMet to maintain and defend the status quo. Safety!!!