Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Flatpicker John said...

Not a high risk job at all. Neil should be locked in a room and have to listen to this for a whole day.
exactly why I give everyone a ticket.

Al M said...

Veterans drivers know the score, rookies learn the hard way

Unknown said...

This is why I stopped arguing over the fare! I am so sorry for her. I was so scared just listening to her.

Unknown said...

I know this will not be popular with my veteran brothers and sisters, but my life and my health are not worth $2.50. Especially when it is only about 2% or less of the people that ride my bus. When I was trained we were told the same thing.

Anonymous said...

It's $2.50 for crying out loud, is that worth your life?
Your fighting for this company?
They are taking away your benefits right now, they say bus drivers are 'not a hazardous occupation'.
If the put money in the fare box they get a transfer no matter how much they put in it.

The guy that did this to that driver is a freak, a violent and dangerous man.
People like that are capable of murder.

Anonymous said...

why no video or image of perp?

Anonymous said...

The operator received medical attention after the assault and TriMet managers met with the operator to provide support and provide information about counseling resources. We ask the media to give our operator privacy at this time as the operator recovers physically and emotionally from the assault.

Our operators provide a vital public service to more than 100,000 people every day, getting riders safely where they need to go day and night. Such incidents are very disturbing and the agency asks the public to treat our operators with human kindness and respect.
Roberta Altstadt


Anonymous said...

why not put the Alstadt comment in quotation marks. as its written doesnt make sense.

Unknown said...

In the last 3 years, there have been over 100 attacks on ops, this information was overlooked by Sapporta when he testified before the board on crime in the transit system, now you know why.