Sunday, December 29, 2013

More comments on the Lane Jensen farce

On October 30, 2013 the Willamette Week did an article about Lane where the Tri Met chief media relations officer Mary Fetsch said, "Tri Met declines to comment, that it would be inappropriate to comment since this is a personal case and Tri Met has no involvement in the legal proceedings."
Tri Met cops arrested Lane!
Tri Met DA is prosecuting Lane!
Tri Met DA subpoenas Al!
 But according to Mary Fetsh Tri Met has no personal involvement?
Yes it is political and personal; it’s a calculated attack by Tri Met against two Bloggers who reports the facts and the truth about Tri Met.
Lane is the third blogger in Corvics ten year with Tri Met. One is a current employee and the other was an ex employee of Tri Met.  Of the three the severity of Lane’s punishment does not fit the crime. Even Purefield who repeatedly victimized 12 grieving families of the Auroa theatre shooting got off with no jail time and no fine.
It’s a $10000 fine if you beat up an operator and 5 years in prison but if a blogger dares to exercise his First Amendment Rights by asking a question of a government’s agency Media Public Relations officer then its 15 years in jail and $78,000 in fines
You know Tri Mets new motto “sticks and stones might break drivers bones but bloggers factual words just might hurt the agency more”.

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