Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trimet managers are such SCHMUCKS

(this was sent to me and I was asked to post it)

"TriMet’s Bus Transit management and their concern for those on the front lines, this says it all.
In 2013, 11 bus operators were assaulted . I attended the bail hearing of the last ‘op’ assaulted and as usual no one from management showed up in support of the injured Pam Thompson.

In the attachment TriMet GM. McFarelane is awarding two “office” employees safety awards. OFFICE WORKERS mind you. Guess they didn’t get slivers off their desks or such.

11 frontline employees assaulted and 2 office workers get safety awards."
They sure do love giving themselves awards!

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Roberta is one hell of a liar also


Erik H. said...

Keeping our customers and the region well-informed...

So Neil has decided that bus riders aren't even customers anymore. Oh, wait, they never were...

Anonymous said...

The picture of the 3 of them reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus. Its about 3 ugly withches that have to suck the life out of children to keep their youth and eternal life. Sorta like what they are doing to Lane now, sucking the life out of him to keep their existance.

Anonymous said...

Office workers. Their worlds don't expand the office. Buses, trains, transportation, public? wtf I'd that???