Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The biggest injustice that TRIMET pulled in 2013

Lane Jensen bail higher than bus driver attacker
Insiders know the true story of Trimet. Vindictive and brutal they do not take kindly to criticism.
Then a character by the name of Lane Jensen appeared on the blog scene. He was everywhere, on buses, on trains, watching supervisory personnel at transit centers, at board meetings and constantly bothering the managers for explanations.
Trimet personnel were dying to find a way to get rid of this guy. So they concocted this phony 'telephonic harassment' charge against him. Of course they had the full cooperation of the District attorneys office.

Roberta Alsdtadt was chosen as the 'victim' obviously because she is a woman and that would play better in the courts than if they had chosen Harry Sapporta, Randy Stedemen, or  Neil Mcfarlane although all of them got the exact same treatment from Lane.

And what is the crime that Lane Jensen is accused of? Sending two text messages multiple times to Roberta Alstdadt in the course of 5 months. Both were questions involving her job description and Trimet business

The pure horror of that is hard to fathom. Two instances of multiple text messages in five months! Will Roberta ever recover from the pure terror of that act? Maybe she went in psychiatric treatment it must have been so emotionally upsetting for her.

Of course I am being  facetious, the whole scam is nothing but a ruse  to shut Lane up by using the police state and corrupted courts as the vehicle to stamp out dissent.

So what harm did Lane ever have to anyone at Trimet? Not one instance of harm that I can think of. Nobody got fired, nobody got disciplined (except  maybe the driver than ran 2 stop signs, I think he got a day off with pay) and nothing changed as a result of Lane Jensen

Lane was arrested a second time because he misunderstood the terms of his release the first time. I'm sure the DA and TRIMET would have been happy if Lane had sat in jail awaiting his 'trial'. Alas that didn't happen as I ponied up the money to get him out of the American Gulag. It doesn't take a genius to see what they were up to. Once they had him in jail he would have been forced to take whatever plea bargain the District attorneys office  offered.I'm glad I could foil their plans.

The sixth amendment guarantees the right to a speedy trial but we all know that the constitution was torn up long ago. They have moved Lanes trial from Jan 7 to Feb 10.

And now the oligarchs have won their battle to silence Lane. His blog is deleted and he no longer talks about Trimet. They should be proud of themselves for attempting to ruin a persons life. They have no shame, no ethics, and no morality.
That is indeed how they roll over there.

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Anonymous said...

Total b.s., Al. Victim was threatened by Lane's actions. The guy has often appeared unhinged, and plenty of video evidence exists - much that Lane himself produced - will attest to this fact. As many others have pointed out, the dude doesn't respect boundaries...I don't think there's a doubt that the victim feared Lane as a risk to her safety and security.

I see this case as an easy win for the prosecution (that said, anything can happen, ala OJ). I'm more interested in the sentencing. I think he's going away for +1 year. His re-arrest is going to look really really bad to the judge when sentenced. You should have spent your $5k sooner on competent representation and therapy. Lane should have shut the f up after his October arrest. With his latest foray, he has gift wrapped his case complete with bow, to the prosecution, just in time for Xmas.

Al M said...

First of all Lane was unaware he lost his freedom of speech and couldn't even speak of a public figure like Aldstadt. That's absurd.

All I can say is that when this case reaches a real jury, I will be surprised if he is convicted and shocked if he ever serves a day in jail.

And the prosecutor is so confident he pushed the trial out another month.

Anonymous said...

You guys are eating retard sandwiches again if you think that you're going to be afforded the leeway to make a 1st Amendment argument in court for this case. Lane should have put his infatuation with TriMet and the victim on hold until after his case. He couldn't even go a month keeping his mouth shut. Not smart at all. Good luck (and when the soap hits the shower floor...just let it go).

Al M said...

The constitution protects assholes and idiots ya know. This case is bullshit and my bet is that the jury will see it that way. Or if he actually gets convicted it will be straight probation, which is what the DA is offering right now.

This case is a waste of criminal justice time. Lane is not dangerous, he has never been dangerous, and everybody that knows him well is aware of that.

No citizen would get this out of law enforcement. The only reason this is happening is because these Trimet people have connections at the DA's office

Al M said...

And just so ya know, his last arrest has been sent to civil attorneys for examination. There are serious questions about that and why the DA did not make it clear to him what his boundaries were.

Anonymous said...

Trimet is going to look like the idiots they are by the time this case is over.

Al M said...

Don't get me wrong, there is most definitely a case here. By the letter of the law he is guilty. He was told not to do it and then he did it again and admitted he was told not to do it. He makes the case against himself sadly enough

@nonpartisantoo said...

You may want to delete the above comment (and my comment):

"Mr. Margulies, by your own admission, isn't Lane guilty? In a comment on your blog on December 26, you stated, and I quote, 'By the letter of the law he is guilty.' Isn't that correct Mr. Margulies?"

Gotta watch what you say. It can be used against you or Lane.

IANAL . . .

Al M said...

I'm no lawyer so whatever I think should have no relevance to anything.

Was Lane told not to text, it appears that way.

Did he text again 5 months later?

It appears that way. From my ignorant understanding of law it seems that he could be guilty just based on that stupidity, and it is stupidity.

This whole case is complete nonsense and a waste of justice system resources that should be used for pursuing real criminals not Lane Jensen.