Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Trimet

It has been said that I am a 'disgruntled' ex employee of Trimet. Nothing is further from the truth. To be a 'disgruntled' ex employee I would have to 'hate' somebody at Trimet. There is not one person at Trimet that I 'hate'. Sure I don't like the way they treated me at the end of my career but for most of the time they were pretty damn tolerant of me. It was the YELLOW LINE CRASH that did me in. I was faced with a choice, give up the source of the information or be subject to 'the same treatment as a person busted for drugs who won't give up their supplier'. It was soon after I  that the bogus complaints were coming in. Trimet made good on their threat and I knew it was time to go. But 'hate' anybody there? Give me a break. Take MARY FETSCH for example. I've met her several times and can tell you that she is a lovely woman, very nice on a personal level. Even that doofus  Neal Mcfarlane appears to be a decent man. You think I don't know that if Mcfarlane wasn't the General Manager some other shmuck would be there doing exactly the same thing he is doing? Trimet is not leading the world wide movement against union workers, they are just following it. Both Mary and Neal have chosen as their careers to be part of that movement and as such become targets of my scorn. Mcfarlane could have retired as the 'brains behind the magical Portland Light Rail program'. He chose to become the head of Trimet when he knew he would be taking positions against his union workforce. Do I 'hate' him? Of course not, the contention is absurd. There is not one person who is currently working at Trimet that I have any animosity  for. Your damn right I am pissed about losing 20% of my pension and the fact that their contracts  were nothing but lies. But in case you haven't noticed, this is not unique to Trimet,  its a world wide movement.

So happy new year Trimet and thanks for the years of never ending entertainment you have provided me. I live in transit geek paradise because of you.

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