Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Lane Jensen

Lane Jensen looks scary huh?
Nobody has done more to spice up the Trimet blog scene than Lane Jensen. It has been one rocking and rolling ride since the day I handed him his first video camera. It took him about a week and he was off on his own. The guy was a natural 'shock blogger'. After having a bus break down which ended up costing him his job he took to Trimet blogging better than anyone I have ever met. Of course he made more than a few enemies along the way but he was invaluable as a source of information and 'nail in the tire' to the various power players at Trimet. 
Trimet resorted to hammer tactics to get rid of him. He made two annoying text messages to Roberta Alsdadt in 5 1/2 months and found himself arrested. A month later he actually called her a 'lying fucking bitch' and found himself arrested again, this time with bail higher than the guy that actually physically assaulted a bus driver.  Apparently if Lane says things like that poor Roberta must have shivered in fear, he is so intimidating. Ya right. Lane had in his possession release orders that did not specify he could not talk about the case hence the Trimet Gestapo threw him back in jail.  The whole case against him is  trumped up nonsense but evennow he is providing all of us with endless entertainment. And if by chance he gets out of this,  

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