Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dear Trimet- how many bus stops actually violated the ADA?

Dear TriMet, how many bus stops actually violated the ADA? (The reason given for the new "leaner" benches.) - Imgur


Max said...

Where is this? What is the width of the sidewalk? Would a full sized bench work without violating the ODOT guidelines for sidewalk width? What did TriMet have to say about this?

Let's get some answers here, instead of just petty bitching.

Max said...

"The ODOT standard pedestrian zone width is 6 feet. This width allows two people (including wheelchair users) to walk side by side, or to pass each other comfortably. It also allows two pedestrians to pass a third person without leaving the sidewalk. Where it can be justiļ¬ed and deemed appropriate, the minimum width may be 5 feet, such as on local streets, with adequate separation from the roadway. At no point should the pedestrian zone be less than 4 feet wide at pinch points such as around poles."