Sunday, April 14, 2013


Bus driver suffers violent assault from al m on Vimeo.


always roaming said...

Oh wow, that is Tom Bregg. I remember following that story when and after it happened in 2009. His career was ended by the injuries he suffered as a result of being stomped on the head over 14-times. He had to undergo extensive facial reconstruction surgeries and lost sight in one eye. He also suffered permanent brain damage that leaves him disoriented and with memory problems. I believe he was 58 when it happened and had been working for Edmonton Transit for 33-years.

Like many transit operator assaults, it was over a "fare dispute." The driver refused to let him ride without paying the proper fare.

Several years later when being interviewed by a psychologist, the remorseful guy who assaulted the driver said something like "he deserved a few punches to the face but I shouldn't have stomped on his head so many times once I dragged him off the bus and he was on the ground." Unbelievable.

Unknown said...

Our safety issue No. 3 right there
Al try this one:

Al M said...

Oh this is an old story then.
It came up on an alert today.
Interesting because when I did the Google search I found nothing, and that is why obviously.

Unknown said...

Back in May 10, 2012, ATU union International President, Larry Hanley and others convened a conference on operator assaults (1st National Transit Worker Assault Conference, which we never heard of).
Too bad it's being ignored on this side of the country, while op gets stabbed the company get a dog, hmm, fair trade.