Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clackastani rebellion continues in Tualatin

Attached is a letter from the City of Tualatin confirming the signature verification requirement for the Tualatin Rail Vote initiative. 
It also states the vote will be scheduled on the next election date, September 16, 2014. The election date is not optional and cannot be moved.   

Congratulations to all of the signature gathering volunteers and thank you to the many Tualatin resident voters who signed the petition. 
This rail vote initiative measure will provide the only opportunity for Tualatin residents to vote and decide if light rail should come to Tualatin. This effort to let the voters decide was necessary because the Tualatin City Council was not intending on seeking any voter approval. 
As with previous MAX lines there are powerful interests who continue to oppose any public votes on light rail.  The recent CRC and and Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail projects were approved without any public votes. 
These same interests recently aligned to support and fund the opposition to the Tigard light rail vote measure. Fortunately, their efforts failed when Tigard voters joined King City in passing the rail vote measure. 
With strong support from the community we are anticipating a victory in September making Tualatin the 3rd city to demand a public vote on light rail. 

This is a non-partisan effort to give Tualatin voters the kind of voice they deserve.  The voice that matters most. With and election. 
To be clear we do NOT believe Tualatin voters want any Light Rail Transit (LRT) or high capacity transit (HCT) with road devouring bus lanes in Tualatin.  Nor do we believe voters want any downtown station that supports LRT/ HCT or the kind of high density Transit Oriented Development that adds apartments, residents, their vehicles, increased congestion & crime.

The coming September election will give voters the chance to make it clear with their ballots.

We DO believe Tualatin voters will ultimately support better transportation decisions for Tualatin. Various road, sidewalk and 99W or Sherwood connector improvements have long been delayed by politicians choosing WES and previous MAX lines instead.  
Alternatives to the current TriMet system may also cost less & provide better service.  

Tualatin businesses and residents can make a difference in September.
Please join us in helping us get the word out to vote YES in September.
Aaron Crowley, Chief Petitioner

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