Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why would Trimet go to such extremes to get rid of this guy


Don H said...

Oh, I don't know. Maybe because his an uneducated call taker/driver that has nothing better to do with his time then try to stir shit with people that can care less about him?

Anonymous said...

Lane is far from uneducated, he catches on quick and points out those issues that others like you Don H would have just flown over your head. Lane is a quick study especially when it came to Roberts Rules of Order. For you Don H that is the offical rules for holding public meetings. Lane pointed out when those rules weren't being followed. Lane pointed out discrepancies when the board would pass something that the didn't match up with the public version of the Tri Met budget. Lane was the first to bring live the board meetings with just a simple cell phone. I truly believe Lane fell for the propaganda at first that it was the greedy unions fault with all that was bad at Tri Met. But soon changed his way of viewing things after taking the time to study the issues more carefully. Lane was successful in bringing the attention to other media sources which was the interview with Neil McFarlane and those pesky secret raises by KOIN tv. By the way Jeff G won some nice award for that interview. Don H you are the uneducated person when it comes to Lane Jensen. You are either to ignorant to see the big picture or you mostly likely are a tri met troll trying to attack the person instead of addressing the issues at tri met. Typical Sal Alinsky style attack and isolate anyone who questions authority. Crawl back in your hole with the rest of the mushrooms Don H. and stay in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Saul Alinsky was very pro-union and the author of the seminal book "Rules for Radicals". It's the Faux News crowd that regularly engages in personal attacks rather than open debates of issues.

Al M said...

The fact of the matter is Lane had more detractors than supporters.

From my point of view he was a hero in the fight against Trimet tyranny.

Never before and probably never again will we see this type of civil disobedience at a Trimet board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Don H. just stick with the issues don't attack the messenger. Just to name a few of the glaring issues..........................................

1 Secret raises
2 not bargaining in good faith
3 lying to the public
4 cronyism
5 unfunded pensions
6 exaggerated health care cost
7 unsafe equipment
8 out of control spending
9 Fred Hansens pension
10 no community over site
11 retaliation against OPAL
12 the people voted Kirk Reeves
13 operator assaults
14 the people said no more Max
15 Max unreliable
16 poor bus scheduling
17 serious unsafe 3000 series busses
18 Harry Saporta
19 broken expensive radio system
20 fraudulent complaints against operators
21 Roberta Alsdadts lies against Lane Jensen
22 Tri Met police seizing Lane Jensens computer
23 Gestapo tactics used against Lane Jensen to shut him up.
24 no recovery time for operators
25 most expensive fares in the country
26 Went from being number one to being number 10 under the leadership of Neil McFarlane
27 Urban renewal debt
28 Wasted money on stupid art like the life boats on 17th. Affectionately referred to as Neils dingy's.
29 A governor who is sleeping at the helm who could have resolve many issues.
30 the stupid union that gave the sleepy governor $1000 in January
31 The secretary of states audit that sugar coated the problems.
32 Oregonian Editorial Board and Pamplin Propaganda News Papers spreading there seeds of destructive bias lies impregnating readers with their narrow minded and negative view points against good hard working union women and men
33 Joe Rose their bastard child

Don H. said...

The funny thing is… I don’t work for Trimet any longer. I took the initiative to apply my skills, looked for another job, and left Trimet before the bottom fell out. That’s what each of you has. An equal opportunity to look for a career that satisfies you, But you would rather just be lazy, complacent, and bitch about all the negatives of Trimet. It’s such a waste of your time, energy, and life! If you don’t like it, change it! This isn’t a communist state. Nobody is forcing you to continue to work for Trimet. Apply yourself!

Al M said...

Interesting that in this 'not communist state' we now have the largest % of our own citizens in jail anywhere in the world.

I put it to you that Stasi state Amerika is real