Friday, May 23, 2014

Mcfarlane explains that the $800 million 'liability' number is a 40 year number

This is a significant admission because this number has nothing to do with today. Let's say that the number is calculated on 30 years. That would mean that Trimet would be paying $26.5 million every year for the next 30 years for health care. I have no idea how many union retirees there are but the number can't even be 1000. Once a retiree hits 65 the main coverage is now medicare which reduces Trimet's cost significantly. The Trimet figure is based on the highest level of blue cross coverage when the facts are that about 1/2 the employees are on Kaiser, significantly cheaper. The figures are also based on a full family coverage when most of the union employees don't have families, especially since they have retired.

Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.
I. F. Stone

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