Monday, May 26, 2014

Trimet made $10 billion for someone

"TriMet’s transportation and environmental leadership has helped spur $10 billion in transit-oriented development along MAX Light Rail lines."

 Trimet whines about its 'unfunded obligation of $800 million forty years in the future.
 They also  say  that they brought in 10 billion dollars! 
Anybody have any idea what happened to that $10 billion?
 Who exactly received $10 billion dollars?


Jason McHuff said...

That's the amount of money that supposedly has been spent on development near MAX lines.

Al M said...

Somebody made $10 billion! Who was it?

Max said...

It was me, Al.

Al M said...

I'm not making a joke, I wanna know how $10 billion was spent and who it was spent to!