Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The freaking fares

Only an idiot gets assaulted over $2.50 and only a fool follows Trimet SOP's

The next part of Fare SOP is dangerously vague. "If a customer does not pay the fare, inform the customer of the fare policy: I'm sorry, it's unlawful for any person to ride without proof of fare. Operators may deny boarding to a fare evader if it will not pose a threat to the operator's safety" or their passengers. Wow. We're not supposed to kick Joe Wormbreath for being drunk and obnoxious, but Freddy FareEvader gets the boot? But wait! We're supposed to know whether Freddy is a danger to society and act accordingly. This assumes we've earned a medical degree. So either way the operator chooses to go, we could be disciplined for making the wrong decision. If Freddy seems fairly normal, he might just shrug his shoulders and say "I know I can't ride for free, my bad" and just get off the bus. Or, he could just as easily produce a hunting knife and prepare Filet de Chauffeur d'Autobus Gonades for a capitvated audience.
 Fare Thee Well | From the Driver Side

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