Saturday, May 24, 2014

Double Dipping Dave says Trimet revenue not meeting expectations

Trimet projections are too high to meet expectations

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Anonymous said...

When opportunity isn't knocking at your door, build a door!

If you need revenue invent a reason for folks to pump money in the fair box.

1. trimet scavenger hunt
2. trimet system benefit race (any benefit)
3. Deliver small packages on MAX East to West, empower bicycle messengers to carry the ball.
4. trimet Chinook coupon book where as only valid with validated system ticket with vendor.
5. run on time system wide
6. create a new Tri County tourist route, charge a little more for it so the freebie folks find other temporary homes on other bus lines, then design the route to see the sites with in the district.

I'm sure there are millions more ideas out there in addition to these. People love to go out and do stuff, give them a reason and the revenue gods will deliver.