Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TriMet gets Streetcar holiday service wrong

One would expect that Portland Streetcar would be running on a Sunday schedule on Memorial Day, but it's actually not.

TriMet says it will be in their RSS/e-mail alert

and on their Web page

but Portland Streetcar says they'll be on a Saturday schedule on Twitter

and on their Web site


Al M said...

Atta boy whoever is in charge of these trimet alerts.

Jason McHuff said...

They did at least correct the Web page and send out another RSS/e-mail alert:

Erik H. said...

I'd like to know if TriMet (and thus regional, non-City of Portland residents and businesses) is paying for the cost in difference between a Saturday and a Sunday schedule for the City of Portland Streetcar, or if the City of Portland is actually paying 100% of the cost of additional service.