Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How many TriMet employees does an incident take?

TriMet block 1102 was involved (but with minor damage to the bus) in a major crash on I-5 northbound.  It is believed that covering the run and dealing with the incident took 8 employees:
  1. Original operator that got into the crash
  2. Mechanic that responded to the crash
  3. Supervisor that responded to crash and investigated it
  4. Second supervisor that went to take operator to drug test because investigation was taking long
  5. New operator that took over the bus and run
  6. Code enforcer that brought the new operator to the bus
  7. Lead supervisor that decided to go
  8. Extra service operator that temporarily filled run

It reminded me of this incident: "Laurel and Hardy, Three Stooges, Keystone Kops" at TriMet