Thursday, May 29, 2014

Heard on Trimet scanner

May 29th

And there are plenty more tweets HERE


Erik H. said...

I'd sure like to know why TriMet doesn't have any heavy-haul wreckers of its own. Metro does. LACMTA does. SFMTA does. TriMet, on the other hand, seems to need to call out some company (at who knows what cost) to rescue stranded buses.

BUT...TriMet sure loves its MAX rescue vehicles (one of which is a one million dollar Brandt Road-Rail), and another is a German-made Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Jason McHuff said...

Not saying it's a fatal flaw, but not only would TriMet have to purchase the vehicle, they would also have to train and certify employees to use it, and have them be available to make a trip. While it's still commercial driving, I think operating a flat bed trailer is different from operating a bus.

Plus, I'd bet the tow company employees get compensated less than what a mechanic does.

As for MAX, it's not like there's outside companies that could readily do it at a moment's notice, with employees qualified on the system.